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Driftwood: A Fairy Tale
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Track: Have You Ever Had A Fight?
Album: BBC Radio One Interview with Jo Whiley
Artist: Daft Punk
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Jo Whiley asks the Robots if they’ve ever had a fight and who’s the first to squash a disagreement between the two of them. Two guesses who’s the diplomatic robot.

Also, they end each other’s sentences. How adorable is that?

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Daft Punk, 1997 | Daft Punk Unmasked 

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Daft Punk unmasked.

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Thomas is like “fuck this, we’re leaving’ and Guy’s like “ohh o.k.”

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a screenshot of one of the best moments I’ve had in TF2 from a friend

yes I know my loadout is all over the place that’s the point its a randomiser sever

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Daft Punk & Pharrell | Daft Punk Unmasked

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Track: Interview Couleur 3 18-06-2013
Album: Interviews DPA
Artist: Daft Punk
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From same interview:

Host: I’m here with Thomas and Guy-Man from Daft Punk. But how can I be sure it’s you?

Thomas: Hmm, that’s difficult. We can show you our bicycle-rental cards from Vélib’ :P


Guy-Man says his name is Jérémie:

Thomas: “Je m’appelle Thomas. 1m85, un petit peu mince, la limite du maigre, les cheveux frisés, les yeux marrons, voilà, le visage assez long, et c’est tout.”

Guy-Man: “Jérémie. 1m88, brun, mystérieux, très beau.”

Source: Switzerland interview Couleur3. June 18 2013.

[full interview]

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